is the philadelphia eagles a good defence

Chip built a pretty good defense. Sure, they had a few bad moments, but that’s what happens when they’re on the field for 45 minutes of the game. If this defense stays intact next season, then the prediction is that they will finish in the top 15 spot, assuming they also add a few pieces, specifically at the cornerback position. Byron Maxwell, one of Chip’s “prized” offseason signings, didn’t pan out. Hopefully, he improves under the next head coach.
Funny how Chip’s offense has potential in a system that Chip doesn’t use (the NFL system). The chip also did nothing to bolster the receiving core. As he got rid of Jackson, that was two years ago, and he let Maclin walk last year. I understand letting Maclin walk, was not a bad idea because he isn’t worth 11 million per year. The Eagles didn’t feel the loss this year on the field, but I believe they did in the locker room.
The defensive line of the Eagles has been pretty messed up in the run games; this has created a lot of defenders in the backfield. A defensive player once said that “penetration rules the nation.” The Eagles are much living that now. Brent Cleek has been an excellent blocker of his time but he has been horrible in most games of the Eagles, most particularly the worst game was against the Cowboys. During this game, he struggled to pin ends and get movements. The line needs to work better together, and it may take a lot of time when you introduce two starters at guard.
The Eagles usually love to run sweeps with mostly their backs where they pull different linemen who include guards, tackle, and center Jason Kelce, the rare athletic center capable of running and leading the back on end
The Eagles defense is not that good.