the future of the philadelphia eagles

Right now, a lot of fans are saying the Eagles are a mess and will have to undergo a multiyear rebuild to be relevant again. I do see scenarios in which this is the case, but I’m going to present the optimistic point of view first; them being good potentially as soon as next year), and then the negative point of view.
First, I think it’s fair to define “good” as being a playoff team, which in this division could potentially be a 9-10 win team. Though the Redskins did make the playoffs this year and Cousins has played extremely well, keep in mind that they have played terribly on the road (except when they beat the Eagles, of course), and have so far only won against teams with losing records.
People have said this roster has no talent, which I completely disagree with. I agree that Chip should not have made those roster moves (getting rid of Jackson, McCoy, and Maclin to name a few of the moves). But that’s not because he replaced those players with mediocre players. I think guys like Murray, Agolhor, Matthews, and Maxwell can step up and play to their potential. The issue is that Kelly had too much turnaround way too quickly, and this was made worse by his misuse of talent. The next coach who comes in has to do the opposite of what Chip does – adapt his scheme to his players’ strengths. That could reveal a lot of talent on our roster, and help some players who had weak seasons bounce back.
Last season was not an outlier. Kendricks, Alonso, Maxwell, and company they really just suck. I hope this isn’t the case, and I don’t think it will be. Sure, maybe these players aren’t as good as we thought they would be, but I hope that they can still play solid football next year.