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The Eagles simply don’t have too much talent in the receiver. Jordan Matthews, 23, is the best choice of the team in the passing attack, he had at least nine drops of last season. Someone talking about Eagles moving Matthews to play outside receiver, but Doug Pederson has indicated the Birds like him in the slot. Jordan Matthews Jersey – Wholesale Philadelphia Eagles StoreWholesale Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys

On the bright side, Matthews shows some real potential in this role. Among Eagles players in their first two season, Matthews ranked first in reception, second in yards, and second in touchdowns. Although is not a game-breaking star, Matthews, is still a very good offensive over the past few years.
The feeling here is that the Eagles will keep five receiver. Mathews, Agholor, Huff, Randle, and Givens project to be the top five. Really need to strengthen the depth of one guy, to force them to keep six. Shop Wholesale Jordan Matthews Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys at philadelphiaeaglesprss.com! Browse all NFL merchandise for men, women, and kids at the Official Store of the NFL.
Matthews will be in the game again and again to get a lot of playing time. Agholor and Huff could be the team’s starting players on the outside. Randall and Givens certainly have the opportunity to crack the rotation at the receiving end.
Matthews is, in some ways, the only sure thing on the Eagles’ roster when it comes to receiver. He has 16 touchdowns, over the past two seasons, a number fans watching the debate how the third-year of receiver is, but should not be regarded as easy as it is. His problem with drop, last season should no longer be a problem, he is not dealing with a bad hand, now he has suffered from the most of the season.
If Pederson want Matthews to spend most of his time in the slot, and use his large frame in the space to create an advantage, no one will complain. He proved that he can be productive, and with another year of experience in his belt, expect Matthews to have a 1000 yard season.
This is not to say that Randle is out-right better than Matthews. Two differences – Randle spent most of last season on the outside and Matthews prefers the slot, and Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning may help Randall signal than Eagles’ signal-caller Sam Bradford aided Matthews in 2015. Make every day feel like Sunday for your child with the NFL Team ApparelĀ® Philadelphia Wholesale EaglesJordan Matthews #81 T-Shirt.
So perhaps Matthews deserves credit for having the ball thrown to him 36 more times than Randle. Another, Football Outsiders’ emphasis on yard production devalues possession receivers like Matthews, who will get less yards, but often keep the sticks moving with timely reception.