will the philadelphia eagles make the playoffs

If you’re a professional gambler, future bets aren’t worth the extended outlay, unless you’re almost positive a respective side can’t lose. This does not happen more often. I must agree that almost 10.5 wins for the Philadelphia Eagles may be a little high, coming from a division that is weak. The Cowboys had the worst defense in the league last season, and they don’t seem like they have improved enough. The Eagles have lots of holes in their defense lines.
The Eagles have some nice skill players but an indigent offensive line. A player to watch for Philly is arguably Vanderbilt receiver, Jordan Mathews. Receivers normally are not double or triple teamed as often as most as analysts think, but Vanderbilt may have been. The Commodores had very few options on offense but most fans just committed to Vanderbilt.
IF the Eagles want to reach the playoffs, then they have to find a franchise quarterback. If Bradford decides to leave (which might make more sense for him if he wants to do some damage in the playoffs right away, perhaps with Houston), then we probably won’t find the best Quarterback in FA or the draft next year. The other issue is that the Eagles might be good enough to together 5 or 6 wins, so depending on the strength of next year’s quarterback class we might also struggle to find the right QB. That’s why Bradford is super important for the Eagles right now on their FA priority list.
And if the Eagles want to enter the playoffs then they should have a solid draft.No explanation is needed here, any team that wants to turn around quickly has to get the right players in their early rounds, something Chip has not shown the ability to do consistently (i.e. Marcus Smith, Nelson Agholhor – but the jury is still out on Agolhor because we know there has to be some potential there it’s a matter of whether he’ll be able to show it on the field next year).